Brunel Fitness Centre
Privacy Policy


ACE Ltd manage a number of sports and fitness facilities, where we hire out space to sports and other clubs and provide coaching for sports, fitness and gymnastics to individuals of all ages. This requires us to maintain a database of customer details, including:

·         Name

·         Address

·         Age

·         Contact phone number

·         Email address

·         Skill level of specific coached activity

·         Where a club or individual coaches minors, we keep their DBS number, although we do not keep a copy of their DBS form on file.


ACE Ltd Data Protection Policy:


·         All information containing the personal details of any staff member, club, hirer, or customer is kept in locked filing cabinets, accessible only by authorised managers.

·         All managers and staff understand it is their responsibility to protect the data of fellow staff, customers, hirers and individuals

·         We do not email, post or disclose any personal information to any third party

·         Standing order forms are kept in a lockable safe until they are taken to the bank to be processed.

·         Paper copies of Membership forms are kept in a locked filing cabinet, accessible only by managers. In the case of fitness membership, we migrate all the information onto our membership system Club right, where the software is updated regularly to protect data. Every staff member has their own individual login for the Club right system.

·         All company emails are protected by a password login and emails sent from our website are only accessible to staff on the reception desk computer. Company emails are managed through google which keeps these protected.

·         When a customer cancels their membership, their membership forms are shredded after 3 months if they do not rejoin and they will be deleted from the Club right system. Unless joined through active choices where we keep your data on file for up to a year.

·         Staff must never leave any paperwork with personal details lying around; if paperwork is accessed this must be returned to a lockable filing cabinet as soon as possible after use

·         Where clubs or individuals pay by credit or debit card, the customers card details are not and must not be held on file other than with Club right system

·         No club, customer or hirer details are mailed or emailed without the written permission of the relevant club or individual and any emails containing personal information must be deleted after emailing.

·         Customers may be contacted by phone or email by staff if any problems arise or as a courtesy if we haven’t seen you for a while.


If you have any questions about any of the data we hold please see a member of staff or email


Many Thanks


The Brunel Fitness Team